Funny names for your pokemon trainer

funny names for your pokemon trainer

What is the stupidest or funniest name you have used? Mine is . "Ok Poop, you are about to begin your journey as a Pokemon trainer." (I think  Trainer Name! - Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha. We show you the funniest Pokemon nicknames out there in this funny Smosh gallery! words for Pokemon make it harder to name your Milktank "B00Bies" and revolutionary nicknames for both Pokemon and trainers alike. I'd laugh if one of you used this name in a run. Also, never name your pokemon " nerd", "loser" etc, because "Go! loser!", "I'm counting on you.

Funny names for your pokemon trainer - man

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Fire Type Pokemon Nicknames Don't be rude Even if someone else insulted you first! Jul 1 I always named my character either Morgan or Meowth my favorite pokemon. In Gold, my jetztspielen kostenlos spielen was Gold lol and my rival's name was Poopy because I was like 11 years old In Diamond, his name s Nathan because that's my best friend's. In FireRed, I named him Douchebag. We get all fangirly over it. funny names for your pokemon trainer

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